Discover how prepared you and your organisation are for handling a crisis

Our scorecard will assess how well you and your organisation are prepared for managing your communications response when issues or crises arise in five key areas and will identify areas for improvement to help you successfully manage highly sensitive and challenging issues, and avoid disaster.


Having a robust communications plan is crucial to make sure your organisation establishes itself as and remains the source of accurate authoritative information about the issue.


Excellent, streamlined and established processes are essential to support the speed and ease of your communications response at a time when your organisation will be under immense pressure.


It is important to build relationships with key audiences and opinion formers so your organisation becomes a trusted voice before an issue arises.


In times of crisis it is imperative to have a trusted team in place providing advice, support and challenge to ensure all audiences’ communications needs are met with an appropriate response that is received as it is intended.


As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, and when it comes to responding under pressure nothing could be truer.

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The key is to be ready so when the inevitable happens everyone knows how to respond. This requires preparation. See how prepared you and your organisation are.

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